Hancor pipe used in mining leach bed

Hancor pipe used in Chilean copper mine

Membrantec recently used Hancor Hi-Q® pipe in 15"-30" diameters, and 4" HEAVY DUTY pipe, to construct a new heap leaching system for the Quebrada Blanca copper mine. The pipe serves as a drainage system for the leaching process, which brings together copper ore and a cyanide-based solution used to extract copper. The leachate drains down into the perforated pipe, and is transported into the metal processing plant. There, the solution and copper are separated.

Only high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe can be used to build heap leaching systems, which require environmentally inert qualities. The cyanide-based leachate corrodes other pipe materials. HDPE is a stable material which is not abraded by chemical, acid, or salt-laden effluents.

The contractor, Carlos Bone, says he selected Hancor pipe based on its suitability for the job and his longtime relationship with the company.

New construction of drainage and conduction pipes for a heap leaching drainage system in Quebrada Blanca Mine, Northern Chile

30" Hi-Q pipe-12,483 lf
30" Hi-Q perforated pipe-1,102 lf
18" Hi-Q perforated pipe-8,911 lf
15" Hi-Q perforated pipe-15,143 lf
15" Hi-Q pipe-228 lf
4" HEAVY DUTY pipe-215,973 lf

Installation Date:
January, 1997-Spring, 1997

Carlos Bone
Santiago, Chile

Quebrada Blanca, Northern Chile