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BLUE SEAL® pipe, watertight performance

The performance you expect. The innovations you need. With over a century of experience, we're experts when it comes to drainage, providing innovative solutions for all kinds of applications. Our High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe delivers superior value while providing physical strength and structural design that just cannot be matched by metal or concrete.

The patented highly engineered composite joint system, is being described as the best watertight solution on the market.

BLUE SEAL HDPE pipe is a gravity flow, watertight pipe ideal for storm sewers, detention systems, and cross, slope or edge drains. Other applications include golf courses, sports playing fields, or parking lot drainage, as well as irrigation ditch enclosures.

Available in a complete range of sizes from 4"-60" (100-1500mm) diameters, this Hancor exclusive solution is 3rd party verified to meet 10.8 psi water and vacuum lab testing requirements and EPA Phase II Best Management Practices. Once again, Hancor leads the way in offering a 60" corrugated HDPE verified watertight joining system.

The unique feature that sets this High Density Polyethylene system apart from any other is a highly engineered integral bell-and-spigot system that utilizes a ceramic/polymer composite fused to the outside of the integral bell with a patented, factory-installed gasket. This revolutionary coupling system maintains bell dimension after pressurization providing uniform tolerances to ensure the highest consistent performance not found in the corrugated polyethylene pipe industry. Hancorís large diameter BLUE SEAL reinforced bell design is easily recognized by its blue product identification wrap.


Hancor applauds recent action by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to change its national "construction and maintenance" regulation applying to the use of alternative types of pipe on Federal-aid highway projects and has issued a press release. The regulatory change became effective December 15, 2006. Hancor has worked hard over the years to introduce cost-efficient HDPE products into the highway construction arena.


  • Meets 10.8 psi water pressure and vacuum lab testing requirements.
  • Addresses EPA Phase II Best Management Practices for long-term service reliability.
  • Lightweight, high strength composite joint requires less labor time for faster installations and reduced costs.
  • Bell reinforcement provides uniform support not found in the corrugated polyethylene pipe industry.
  • Fast bell-and-spigot joint assembly with unsurpassed structural integrity.
  • HDPE pipe provides superior resistance to prevent rusting, deterioration or crumbling.


  • Provides a visible commitment to better water quality, minimizing environmental impact.
  • Prevents the contamination of soil and local waters from harmful substances such as sediment from construction runoff, lawn care products or automobile emissions.
  • Avoids possible joint infiltration of sands and fines resulting in sinkholes and differential settlement to adjacent structures.
  • Reduces the risk of blockage caused by vegetation infiltration into joints.
  • Reduces soil migration.
  • Reliable for sanitary sewer trunk lines.
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