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On-Site Leaching Chambers

Plastic leaching chambers have become the preferred choice for leach field applications over conventional systems. Their lightweight construction allows for easy hands-on installation with minimal soil compaction. The product is adaptable to serial and lateral projects. Today, leaching chambers have grown in acceptance and total 30% of leaching systems installed.

Our leaching products are sturdy, lightweight plastic units that provide optimum unmasked leaching surface. Effluent flows freely to uncompacted backfill through open bottoms and innovative louvered sidewalls that prevent migration into the chamber. Installation requires no stone or gravel, and requires one person with only a backhoe, level, and rake.

A complete line of cost-effective solutions for on-site systems.


The ARC Chamber Family

arc arc arc
ARC 18 ARC 24 ARC 36
arc arc


Lock & Drop Joint
Side Port Coupler
Diamond Plate Texture
  • Convenient five-foot lengths are lightweight and easy to handle
  • Integral 20-degree articulating joint for all applications
  • True corrugated chamber profile provides increased load bearing capabilities
  • “Lock and Drop” joint provides a more positive connection during installation and backfill
  • Increased plumbing option with Side Port Coupler component which snaps in place to allow side entry at any joint throughout the trench line
  • Diamond plate texture increases slip resistance and enhances ease of installation

The BioDiffuser® Family

  • Installation requires no stone or gravel
  • Easily transported to the job site
  • Sturdy injection-molded HDPE design
  • 45-degree angle sections available


arc arc arc
11" Standard 14" & 16"
15" & 22"


Arc 24 brochure
ARC 18
Arc 24 brochure
ARC 24
Arc 36 brochure
ARC 36
Arc HC brochure
Arc HC brochure
Arc specs

Installation Guide
ARC 18 – Oregon

Installation Guide
ARC 18 and ARC 24

Installation Guide
ARC 36, ARC 36 LP and ARC 36 HC


Markets and Typical Applications


  • On-Site Waste Management
  • Triple-Wall Plastic Pipe

Smoothwall Pipe
Smoothwall sewer and drain pipe is ideal for use in nonpressure drainage and leach field applications
used in conventional gravel-filled leach fields, it delivers top performance for on-site waste applications
Gravelless Pipe
offers a low-cost alternative to gravel-filled leach applications
Distribution Boxes
designed to accommodate corrugated Channel-Flow® or Smoothwall sewer and drain pipe

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